Combined strength training and cardio may pack a power punch!

According to some research we reviewed at Integrated Performance, aerobic exercise training combined with resistance training (RT) might prevent the deterioration of vascular function.  What does this mean for you? This means that when going to your gym or place of exercise that is may be important to intermix activities that raise your heart rate along with traditional or functional strength training techniques. We often use this method of training to achieve maximal results from the body, not only in strength and conditioning but for the inner benefits. These benefits, some of which are highlighted in this research speak of vascular function. Ok, now who cares right? Well you should because the rate at which your blood flows can effect you in many ways!

Some examples of how your “vascular function” is important

1. Delivery of fresh blood and oxygen to your muscles- seems important, if your spending time in a gym and want to get better you need to feed your muscles

2. The better the function the greater capacity you have to work- not bad, this means a lower heart rate during activities

3. Improved heart heath- Nothing to be said about that, we all know how important this is


So these are just a few examples, if you are interested in the research just head over to our education and research page and download your free copy of the report



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