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Thank you for taking a moment to visit Integrated Performance. We believe in enhancing the human experience.  We approach everything we do and say everyday with a relentless passion for performance. We challenge ourselves first to be the change we wish to inspire. Each athlete (client) that works with us shares our core values, which creates a dynamic relationship between the Performance Coach and the athlete. Whether you are looking to improve your daily life function or take your sport to the next level our program will shift the way you view fitness and performance.

Our programs and services are all focused around inspiring every individual or organization to reach their maximum performance potential in any field of application.

We optimize the human performance engine (brain and body) through the latest in applied neuroscience, tools, advance technology assessment and monitoring systems; to an integrated approach of education, soft tissue management, physical training and individual nutrition.

Focus Forward Enterprises, a newly formed branch of Integrated Performance  who’s programs and services are designed around Inspiring great leaders and optimizing performance of individuals, communities and organizations; contains not only our Transformational Performance Coaching program but our partner based Sports Science and Human Performance online store where you can engage in advanced technologies for professionals such as DNA soft tissue analysis, Biomarker Based Nutrition, Athlete Readiness System monitoring, Real time athlete physiological profiling, Advanced neuroscience based reaction training, and much more. For more information on Focus Forward Enterprises use our contact form and let us know what program or service are you interested in.

Our core performance values are:





Athletes and Fitness Enthusiast

Training and consumer education programs are offered in New York  in Manhattan’s Upper West Side in partnership with the Sports Physio West Center. In Miami in Coconut Grove in partnership with The Workout Spot,  and soon South Africa. We also offer video movement analysis, remote program development and much more for those you can not reach one of our locations in person.

Fitness Professionals

Whether you are looking for continuing education to take your training to the next level, business consulting, or mentoring we have a solution for your success.

Workshops, leadership summits, and team training are all available. Please contact us for more information and a schedule.


Frequently Asked Questions

What type of training do you offer?  We offer small group, one on one, and youth training. All training is lead by an Integrated Performance Coach and individualized for sport or function.

What type of Massage Therapy fo you offer? We primarily offer Sports Medical Massage and Orthopedic Massage either in conjunction with our training or as an additional service. These types of massages are specific to Integrated Performance and are designed to assist in creating balance with in the body for optimal performance, comfort, and function. We also provide traditional Swedish Massage services. All massage services are provided by graduates of the Swedish Institute for Health Science and are licensed by the State Board in the state of New York.

Do you offer consulting? We offer consulting for schools, institutions, other fitness and wellness professionals and businesses. From wellness programing, education and training of fitness staff, to lay out and equipment placement.

Do you provide education? Yes Integrated Performance are official education partners with Redcord, MET, ViPR, Trigger Point Technologies,  and Rocktape as well as development of in house professional education. For more information contact us